TSA Reminds Travelers That Masks Are Still Mandatory

As some states are lifting coronavirus restrictions, including mask mandates, against government and CDC advice, the Transportation Security Administration is reminding travelers that masks are still required at transportation hubs and while traveling, no matter where you are.

Lisa Farbstein, TSA Spokesperson, tweeted on March 3 that “the Federal mask mandate remains in effect in transportation systems (including airports, mass transit and passenger rail), even in states that have lifted their local mask mandates”.

Alongside the tweet, she shared a TSA graphic which depicts the correct way to wear a mask.

TSA also posted on its social media channels to remind travelers of the need to wear masks and how to wear them correctly. The posts also noted that there are civil penalties for those who do not wear a mask.

The masks on transportation mandate applies to airplanes, trains, ridesharing and seafaring vessels, as well as transit hubs like airports, bus terminals, marinas, seaports, subway stations, train terminals and stations.

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