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// by Kylie Bull

UK Police Conclude Series of Live Facial Recognition Trials

The Met committed to carrying out 10 deployments as part of the live facial recognition trial. Nine have already taken place. As with all previous deployments, the technology will be used overtly with a clear uniformed presence and information leaflets will be distributed to the public. Keep Reading

GAO Reviews Vetting of Individuals and Secure Areas at Mar-a-Lago

The Secret Service physically screens all individuals who will access areas where the President will be present, such as a dining room. According to Secret Service officials, individuals who have a meeting with the President generally undergo both physical screening and enhanced background checks. Keep Reading

Distilled Identity and Emerge Develop Refugee Identity Technology

Homeward includes a multi-layered identity profile made up of physical biometric data, employability potential and socio-cultural preferences data, behavioral biometrics, geospatio-temporal data, and a smart contract based public key infrastructure to form a unique, self-managed digital ID for each primary claimant. Keep Reading

Access Control System Vulnerabilities Detected

When exploited, the most severe vulnerability would give an attacker unfettered access to the badge system database, allowing him/her to covertly enter buildings by creating fraudulent badges and disabling building locks. Keep Reading

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