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Al Qaeda Urges Muslims To Carry Out Attacks Against American, Western Interests

Anyone who hinders the enactment of shari’a law in the world, Including "the Crusaders of the West and the East, the hostile Shi’ites and the Arab and non-Arab apostates,” young Muslims everywhere must "fight the global heresy headed by America to carry out “Allah’s will, shake their thrones and target their interests and the greatest of their criminals [i.e., their leaders]," said Al Qaeda’s Al Sahab media’s 14th edition of its weekly news bulletin, Al Nafir, posted on the Al Sahab Telegram channel.“

"Do this armed with fear of Allah, patience and full intention, as stated [in Koran 3:200]: ‘O you who have believed, persevere and endure and remain stationed and fear Allah that you may be successful.’"

According to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which monitors jihadi social medis, the newsletter “features the organization’s response to a comment made recently by US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley at a March 27, 2017 AIPAC conference. Haley said, ‘I wear high heels, it’s not for a fashion statement, it’s because if I see something wrong I will kick it every single time.’ Al-Nafir state[d] that Haley’s comment should be read as a blanket warning by America to its servants, the rulers of the Muslim countries, not to cross the line by criticizing the Zionists’ crimes against Palestinians and Muslims. It adds that, when dealing with Muslims, the US does not suffice with such warnings, but stages brutal and deadly attacks on them in many places. Al Nafir therefore call[ed] on the Muslims to focus on their true enemy –America and its allies – and urges young Muslims throughout the world to target American and Western interests and leaders.”

“Focusing on Haley’s high-heels comment, the bulletin says that this was a message by America, ‘the vanity of our age,’ to its servants, the Arab rulers, to refrain from uttering any criticism against the Zionist crimes in Palestine and other Muslim countries, even as lip service,” MEMRI reported. The newsletter added “that America enforces this prohibition by appointing apostate Muslim rulers who are willing to be kicked by Nikki Haley whenever they cross the red line. Moreover, when the Muslim nation rebels against its oppression, America sends it another message in the form of its brutal response, which includes dropping multi-ton bombs on mosques full of worshippers in Aleppo; shedding the blood of refugees sheltering in Al Raqqa and Mosul schools; targeting funeral precessions and hospitals in Afghanistan; and killing embryos in their mothers’ wombs in Yemen, among other crimes.”

“The aim behind these two messages," explained Al Nafir, "is to emphasize that the US and its Crusader allies will not allow anyone to thwart their support of the Zionists and of the apostate Muslim rulers, Arab and non-Arab, and will not agree to stop the theft of the Muslims’ natural resources."

MEMRI said, “Al Nafir goes on to state that the way out of this predicament is to adopt the path that has been taken for many years by the mujahideen under the guidance of their commanders and religious scholars: the way of war against the true enemy [America] and against anyone who hinders the enactment of shari’a law in the world.”

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