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Border Patrol Agents Still Face Deadly Patrols

“I want to be crystal clear – the border is not secure. That is not just my opinion or the position of the National Border Patrol Council,” Border Patrol agent Chris Cabrera said on behalf of the council at a March 17 border security hearing by Senate Committee Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs.

Cabrera should know, too – he’s stationed in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas where the majority of human smuggling and narco-trafficking has been taking place for several years.

Border Patrol Agents Still Face Deadly Patrols Homeland Security TodayThe Southwest border remains just as dangerous for Border Patrol agents today as it was when Homeland Security Today disclosed the dangers Border Patrol agents faced its March, 2014 investigative cover report, Deadly Patrol.

As Homeland Security Today reported, all along the Southwest border, Border Patrol agents have repeatedly come under attack from violent illegal aliens, coyotes and narco-traffickers hurling softball-size and larger rocks at them. The rock can be just as lethal as a bullet. And it certainly can cause serious trauma. And has – more than just a few times. Severe facial and cranial injuries have been inflicted on Border Patrol agents who’ve been struck in the head by the beefy rocks regularly hurled at them. Some agents have suffered traumatic brain injuries and forced to take medical leave.

They’ve also had other dangerous projectiles thrown at them. There’ve been numerous instances in which agents have had Molotov Cocktails hurled at them – some landing just a few feet away — and nail-studded pieces of wood heaved at them, one of which struck an agent in the head.

In January, a Guatemalan national was arrested after attacking a Border Patrol agent near the Rio Grande City Border Patrol Station. The agent was struck in the head, requiring stitches for several cuts.

In February, a previously deported human trafficker was arrested for assaulting a Border Patrol agent for repeatedly biting him while the agent was trying to apprehend him at the Sarita Border Patrol checkpoint in southern Texas.

Read the complete update in the March/April issue of Homeland Security Today here.

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