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Five Killed in Crash After Crowded SUV Was Chased by Border Patrol

At least five people were killed in a vehicle crash Sunday after Border Patrol agents chased an SUV transporting 14 individuals, several of them reportedly undocumented immigrants.

Authorities in Dimmit County, Texas, said 12 people were ejected from the SUV, CNN reported. A Dimmit County sheriff’s deputy took over the chase near Big Wells, Texas, and the SUV traveling nearly 100 mph lost control and ran off the road before flipping several times.

Police officials said the driver and one other occupant in the vehicle are U.S. citizens.

The chase began after a Border Patrol agent noticed three vehicles traveling in a caravan in what was suspected as a smuggling event, CBP said in a statement.

Reuters reported that Border Patrol agents stopped two of the vehicles and made multiple arrests, but the third vehicle escaped. The driver of the SUV was arrested and did not suffer any injuries.

National Public Radio reported that Dimmit County Sheriff Marion Boyd said his office has received numerous calls from undocumented immigrants needing medical assistance in recent weeks.

“We need a wall, in my opinion,” Boyd said, referring to a border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border proposed by President Trump, adding that it would serve to protect American lives as well as desperate migrants. “My office is receiving 911 calls from illegals in the brush, they’re calling out for help. They’re stranded and left behind by the foot guide and they’re left for dead.”

Brad Allen
Brad M. Allen is a young journalist from Janesville, Wisconsin. He is currently studying Political Journalism and Economics at George Mason University, and he has recently completed his eighth semester of college at UW-Whitewater, where he studies Journalism. He is slated to graduate from UW-Whitewater in December 2018. Brad has worked with two newspaper publications in the southern Wisconsin area, those being The Royal Purple student-run newspaper at UW-Whitewater and the Janesville Gazette daily newspaper. Thus far in his time at the Royal Purple, Brad has been a prominent member of the editorial team in several roles ranging from the Business section editor to Managing Editor. A fair portion of his reporting experience there has involved investigating federal policy and national issues and interviewing officials and economists in southern Wisconsin to boil those issues down to a local level. At the Janesville Gazette, Brad designs newspaper pages containing stories on various state, national and international issues. His job there involves reading and dissecting content written by organizations such as the Associated Press and Tribune News Services to choose which stories will be most relevant to readers in Janesville.

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