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Frontex Issues Call for Trainers for New Standing Corps Basic Training Program

As part of its efforts to establish the European Border and Coast Guard standing corps, Frontex has issued a call to EU Member States and Schengen-Associated Countries to provide trainers for the Basic Training Program.

Interested parties are requested to contribute to the delivery of the Basic Training Program by providing professionally trained staff to carry out the training successfully and in accordance with Frontex’ standards.

The trainers have to be nominated according to the specific requirements and areas of expertise listed, including border surveillance, cross-border crime, border checks, and risk analysis.

The duration of the involvement of the nominated trainers in the training process may vary and is decided by Frontex on the base of subject matter expertise needed. The nominated trainers will undergo the Frontex Training Delivery Methodology course before the start of their activities. The trainers nominated specifically for tactics and techniques of intervention, shooting and self-defense will also undergo additional training.

The first iteration of the Basic Training for the Standing Corps Category 1 is scheduled to start in May 2020, the second at the beginning of June and the third at the beginning of July.

The training will be carried out based on the training package designed in cooperation with the relevant countries during the development phase (September 2019 – February 2020). Frontex will reimburse the travel and accommodation costs and provide daily allowances for the trainers based on the agency’s regular rules for reimbursement.

Read the full list of requirements at Frontex

Kylie Bielby
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