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HSS Development Releases Their New Remote RDS500 Suicide Bomb Detector

An upgrade has been made to HSS Development’s bomb detection line, the RDS500, a covert remote controlled and monitored “walk-by” bomb and weapons detection system which can be installed into any type of custom casing or HSS Development Releases Their New Remote RDS500 Suicide Bomb Detector Homeland Security Todaydiscreet enclosure for clandestine operation.

“Every week a criminal or terrorist sets off an explosion looking to maximize death and destruction. What if there was something you could do about it? Now there is,” said Joe Porter, VP of Counter Terrorist Solutions. “This is a terrorist trap to keep civilians, soft targets, armed forces and public and private institutions safe from suicide bombers, criminals and terrorists carrying bombs and concealed weapons looking to detonate in a crowded area or targeted building of importance, such as a consulate or embassy.”

According to the company, “It is a sensor based bomb detector used by police, EOD teams and counterterrorist forces who deal with terror attacks by suicide bombers and criminal terrorist groups. Concealed person borne IED threats and other weapons are also detectable in range of the RDS500 sensor technology.”

HSS said, “The RDS500 main operating principle is its ability to remotely and safely scan people in range, enabling the operator to discriminate between a person carrying metallic objects such as shrapnel and who is not. It may also be operated in a remote manner and the graphic user interface can be hardwired or wireless, reducing the exposure of the operator to each person scanned.”

“The system,” HSS said, “can be placed covertly into discreet enclosure options or built into drywall, hallway wall board, pylon or bollard cones, other passive housings or overtly built into free-standing units and powered by either AC or DC battery; the end user has the freedom to increase or decrease sensitivity based on their unique environment.”

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