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Kelvin Hughes Sees Growing Demand For Its Border Surveillance and Security Radar Systems

Kelvin Hughes, a world leader in security and surveillance for a wide range of applications, is seeing significant growth in demand for its border security and border surveillance systems.

At the heart of these systems is the company’s patented SharpEye radar technology, which enables border protection agencies to detect and track land and aerial targets in the most difficult to access locations.  

SharpEye solid-state radar technology offers very high reliability. The radar can be deployed, manned or unmanned as the transceiver has no service or maintenance requirements. SharpEye for land based security applications is available as two variants. Both are a pulse compressed Doppler radar operating in the X-band frequency. This differentiates SharpEye from Ku and FMCW (high frequency) ground surveillance radars, making it significantly less affected by rain, sea, snow, sand, dust storms and other forms of ‘clutter’.

SharpEye SxV – a high performance, lightweight, mobile and self-contained radar, weighing circa 20kg can be transported by personnel, by vehicle and can be rapidly deployed on a mast or tripod. Installation is simple, fast and requires no special training to operate. The radar can be deployed along a border as part of a multi node system or deployed as a mobile vehicle mounted surveillance package. SharpEye SxV will provide all-weather, day and night early warning of potential threats.

To compliment the SharpEye SxV radar, Kelvin Hughes has developed the first Single Mast Solution (SMS). Radar and electro optical devices are co-located using an advanced PTZ. Cameras and other devices can be mounted quickly on a single, telescopic mast. With one cable connection, the SMS delivers 360⁰ radar and camera surveillance with no blind arcs. The mast can be supported on its own tripod or incorporated into a vehicle.

SharpEye Long Range – designed for easy installation on a choice of platforms including a fixed or deployable trailer / ISO container. The SharpEye transceiver is contained in the antenna turning mechanism and is the first in its class to employ Gallium Nitride (GaN) power transistor technology, delivering significant performance benefits. The antenna is a 5.5m open array low profile configuration. The Long Range radar provides continuous surveillance as a single unit or as part of a multi-node border surveillance radar system operated autonomously under remote supervision.

When radars, cameras and other devices are combined with Kelvin Hughes’ CxEye control and display software, border surveillance can be achieved instantaneously with the reporting of threats achieved automatically or through user-determined parameters. CxEye can integrate multiple sensors, such as radar, cameras and other electro-optical devices, into a single, easily interpreted display. Each CxEye node can be scaled to form a wider command and control capability.

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