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Leica Geosystems and Milrem Announce Unmanned, Mobile Mapping Vehicle

Leica Geosystems and Milrem Announce Unmanned, Mobile Mapping Vehicle Homeland Security TodayAlthough unmanned aerial vehicles get all the attention, Leica Geosystems and Milrem recently launched the new Pegasus:Multiscope Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV), which the makers claimis the world’s first unmanned off-road mobile mapping vehicle.

Milrem AS, an Estonian technology solutions provider, provided the mobile component of the product with its Multiscope UGV, designed to operate onall types of terrain.

Milrem’s CEO Kuldar Vaarsi told Homeland Security Today that, “Thanks to the tracked system, the ground pressure is very low and it’s not a problem to use this vehicle on snow, sand, mud or any other difficult conditions.”

The product also features a mobile mapping sensor platform developed by Leica Geosystems, a leading provider of products and systems for surveying and geographical measurement. The platform—Pegasus: Two—uses laser scanners in combination with global navigation satellite system sensors to capture accurate and precise spatial data.

“Leica Geosystems’ Pegasus:Two can have many different sets of sensors, which help users to ‘see, hear and sense’ beyond human capabilities,” said Vaarsi.

Pegasus:Multiscope is ideal for industries seeking to eliminate physical risk through automated processes., such as civil engineering infrastructure projects, agriculture, or in hazardous areas such as near nuclear power stations. Additionally, Vaarsi said Pegasus:Multiscope is a very effective vehicle for securing borders.

In autonomous mode, the Pegasus:Multiscope can follow pre-programmed route for border patrols. More detailed base maps and thermal imaging software can be programed within the Pegasus: Two. All of these features can be used to better detect disturbances.

“Pegasus: Multiscope can significantly increase the security of borders and help border guards achieve better situational awareness and to have ‘eyes’ everywhere they need them,” Vaarsi explained.

Vaarsi said we will soon see an increase in the number of UGVs for complex scenarios in coming years in both the commercial and defense sectors.

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