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More Jihadi Plots Continue to be Inspired by ISIS in US, West

ISIS’s message continues to resonate with American citizens as indicated by more Islamist jihadi plot attacks on American soil and attempts to travel overseas to join the terror group, according to this month’s Terror Threat Snapshot released by Homeland Committee on Security Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX).

The “snapshot” is a monthly Committee assessment of the growing threat America, the West, and the world face from ISIS and other Islamist terrorists.

More Jihadi Plots Continue to be Inspired by ISIS in US, West Homeland Security TodayThe latest snapshot also noted that, “ISIS has targeted the West at an alarming rate, marked by a recent surge in ISIS-linked plots to attack US and allied interests abroad.”

“Since September 11, 2001, there have been at least 223 homegrown jihadist plots in the United States, including attempts to join terrorist groups overseas and execute attacks at home. More than 90 percent of these cases have occurred or been uncovered since 2009,” the snapshot reported, adding, “Authorities have arrested 114 individuals in the US and charged 4 others in absentia in ISIS-linked cases since 2014. These individuals had, among other acts: plotted attacks; attempted to join ISIS in Iraq and Syria (or facilitated others’ travel); provided money, equipment and weapons to ISIS; and falsified statements to federal authorities. Eight ISIS-linked terrorists have been killed while carrying out five separate attacks in California, Florida, Massachusetts, Texas and Minnesota.”

In addition, the snapshot pointed out, “Nearly 90 percent of the ISIS supporters charged in the US are male and their average age is 26. Nearly one-third of the ISIS-linked individuals charged wereinvolved in plotting attacks inside the United States.”

There have been at least 125 ISIS-linked plots to attack Western targets since 2014, “a surge from 116 plots in October. This figure includes 38 ISIS-linked plots inside the United States,” the snapshot added.

“ISIS operatives may be retreating in parts of Syria and Iraq, but their terror movement is nowhere near broken. Indeed, the group continues to plot aggressively against America and our allies,” McCaul said. And, he added, “As jihadists flee from places like Mosul and Raqqa, we must keep them from establishing new safe havens and stop them from returning to the West where they hope to conduct fresh waves of attacks. We also cannot lose sight of Islamist militant groups like Al Qaeda, which continue to threaten the American people. The bottom line is this: to protect our country we must project our power—and use it to defeat these fanatics for good.”

Other key takeaways in this month’s Terror Threat Snapshot are:

  • ISIS and Al Qaeda continue to take advantage of safe havens to consolidate their power and territory, as well as plan attacks.
  • The threat of the “terrorist diaspora” to the West will continue to grow, particularly as fighters flee from recent offensives in Mosul and Raqqa.
  • Iran continues to take aggressive steps to threaten US interests at home and abroad, particularly in the Gulf.
  • Guantanamo Bay detainees are continuing to return to the fight to replenish the ranks of jihadist organizations.
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