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The Global Migration Crisis

The 21st century will be a trying time for geopolitical boundaries and ‘ethno-nationalist’ sentiment clashes. As a result of borders around the world quickly being redrawn and vast groups of peoples migrating out of violent crashes, migration becomes a controversial centerfold issue in foreign affairs. The clash of civilizations is further squeezed together abruptly by temporal ages of conflicts from terrorism to drugs to rampant corruption and disparity.

The British and French governments have both warned of the Global Migration Crisis. Their point is that a “Global Migration Crisis” requires a “global” response. Right now, they are seeking greater participation from member states in the region to combat illegal immigration into Europe. Asylum seeker applicants alone numbered over 600,000 in 2014. Many of these are denied because they are fraudulent or not applicable for asylum. Such people are unauthorized if they have ventured across foreign soil illegally and then apply. In some areas, they are seeing illegal migration figures rise 200 percent.

In Calais, France, a self-made camp created by illegal migrants after the closer Sangatte refugee camps to riots in 2001-20002 now has an estimated over 3,000 migrants. Many with Britain as their final destination, attempt to stowaway or disrupt the Channel Tunnel trains. British Prime Minister David Cameron once referred to the migrants at Calais as a “swarm.”

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