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WATCH: McConnell Slams ‘Abolish ICE’ as ‘Foaming Hysteria’

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) took to the Senate floor Tuesday to declare his support for Immigration and Customs Enforcement as some lawmakers are calling for ICE to be abolished.

“The junior senator from New York said recently that, if Democrats regain the House and Senate, the first thing they should do is, quote, ‘Get rid of ICE.’ The senior senator from Massachusetts pointed to ‘replacing ICE’ as the first priority of a top-to-bottom rebuild of America’s immigration system. The mayor of New York City calls the agency, quote, ‘No longer acceptable.’ And a member of the United States House of Representatives likened it to — get this — ‘the Gestapo of the United States,'” McConnell said.

“I’m really not sure where to begin in responding to this foaming hysteria. It is one thing for a few protesters and socialist hecklers who want open borders and the elimination of all immigration laws to adopt a slogan as silly and ill-considered as ‘Abolish ICE,’” he added. “But it is something else entirely when United States senators are so eager to please these left-wing extremists that they join that chorus — join in denigrating the men and women of U.S. law enforcement.”

Watch the full speech:

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