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USGS Crews Measure Major Flooding in Lower Michigan

Strong storms passed through parts of the Midwest starting last Thursday, causing minor-to-major flooding in some lower Michigan locations. On Tuesday, May 19, two large dams on the Tittabawssee River failed in succession, causing two lakes upstream of Midland to drain. Keep Reading

Thousands Homeless as Cyclone Amphan Hits

Thousands of people have been left homeless in the wake of Cyclone Amphan, which slammed into India's eastern coast on Wednesday afternoon, as authorities race to provide relief efforts in communities already stricken by the coronavirus. Keep Reading

Spring 2020 Brings Rare Ozone ‘Hole’ to the Arctic

Along with the mild winter across much of the eastern United States and the return of something more like real winter in Alaska, here’s something else we can blame on the polar vortex: a rare “hole” in the ozone layer over the Arctic in February and March 2020. Keep Reading

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