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INTERPOL Marks a Decade of Tackling Pollution Crime

Although environmental crime is often considered to be low risk – high profit, what is often overlooked is the fact that the proceeds from these crimes can provide financing to violent organized crime groups, terrorists, and insurgent groups, as well as undermining the wellbeing of communities. Keep Reading

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Biden Names John Kerry as His ‘Climate Czar’

President-elect Joe Biden on Monday named former Secretary of State John Kerry as special envoy to lead his administration’s efforts to fight climate change. Kerry will be the “climate czar” for the incoming administration, coordinating programs that are expected to stretch across multiple agencies while leading efforts at a White House that may need to… Keep Reading

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Why the US Navy Manages Its Own Private Forest

Maintaining a forest for ship building would make a lot of sense if ships were still made of wood. But they aren’t. So why does the U.S. Navy maintain a white oak forest in the middle of Indiana? The white oak tree might have been the most fundamental building block of the young United States… Keep Reading

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Security Threat Assessment of Climate Change

As national security, military and intelligence professionals with decades of experience, we have dedicated our careers to anticipating, analyzing and addressing security threats to the United States, with the goal of protecting all citizens from harm. That includes threats ranging from the proliferation and use of nuclear weapons, to the likelihood of terrorist attacks striking… Keep Reading

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A Resilient Future for Coastal Communities: Federal Policy Recommendations from Solutions in Practice

Across the United States, coastal communities face increased uncertainty and risks from intensifying coastal erosion, flooding, sea level rise, and other climate change impacts. These threats need to be taken very seriously. Nearly 100 million Americans live in coastal counties making up about 30 percent of the U.S. population; another 30 million people (9 percent)… Keep Reading

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