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CENTCOM Reports 9 Strikes Against ISIS Over Past Week

Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve and its partners continue to strike Daesh targets in designated parts of Syria and Iraq.

Ongoing operations by Iraqi Security Forces and Syrian Democratic Forces, supported by CJTF-OIR efforts, demonstrate that much work remains to defeat Daesh here. Coalition strikes continue to target Daesh in SDF-held areas of Syria, and throughout Iraq under the leadership of Iraqi authorities. “All coalition air strikes are carried out with the consent of the Iraqi government,” said Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in a press conference April 1.

Between March 30 and April 5, coalition military forces conducted nine strikes consisting of 11 engagements in Syria and Iraq.

This coalition strike release contains all strikes conducted by fighter, attack, bomber, rotary-wing, or remotely piloted aircraft, rocket propelled artillery and ground-based tactical artillery.

A strike, as defined in the coalition release, refers to one or more kinetic engagements that occur in roughly the same geographic location to produce a single, sometimes cumulative effect in that location. For example, a single aircraft delivering a single weapon against a lone Daesh vehicle is one strike, but so is multiple aircraft delivering dozens of weapons against a group of Daesh-held buildings and weapon systems in a compound, having the cumulative effect of making that facility harder or impossible to use. Strike assessments are based on initial reports and may be refined.

CJTF-OIR does not report the number or type of aircraft employed in a strike, the number of munitions dropped in each strike, or the number of individual munition impact points against a target.

Read the full list of strikes at CENTCOM

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