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ISIS Supporter Advises Muslims in West to Be Patient, Attack When Time Is Right

On February 25, 2020, a pro-Islamic State (ISIS) media operative shared a post in English on a Rocket.Chat platform, advising ISIS supporters in the West who are not able to join jihad frontlines to wait patiently for the right time to carry out deadly attacks. The author of the message, who identifies as a female, concludes: “Stalk your prey, plan your action, orchestrate your moves and then STRIKE THE ENEMY WITH A DEADLY BLOW….” It is unclear whether the post, which appears to be new, was penned by the media operative known as Greenlantern.14 or was shared from another source. Greenlantern.14, who claims to be in The Philippines, regularly shares content on the ISIS chat, most of which concerns the ISIS presence in The Philippines.

The following is the text that appears in the post, slightly edited for comprehension:

“O you sleeping Lions of the ummah!!!

“This is a message to you my brothers, the sleeping Lions of Monotheism. You have the right creed but see no way forward to physically join your brothers or help your sisters who are oppressed. You are torn daily between being successful at your work, to provide for your families and at the same time you want to practice zuhd (detachment from the material world, and material wealth or possessions).

“You want to live under such peace and tranquility that only the Law of Allah provides. You want to depart from this earthly world and exchange it for everlasting life where there is no grief or pain but only pleasure and bliss… this is a message to you.

“I say to you now as your sister and as one who has trodden the path of Jihad, that whatever (latent) aspirations reside in your hearts, Allah knows them, He knows the secrets of the hearts and He knows the Unseen. He knows your feelings and intentions.

“I advise you to keep renewing your intentions often (as we all must do) I say see to it that whatever you do, you ultimately hope to attain with it the pleasure of Allah and aim to give victory to His Religion.

“Whatever we may become, the unbelievers will hate us, and they want to change us until we are upon their religion. So, the dogs will always keep lurking around, lying in wait for you. However, Allah has favored you amongst all others and has blinded the unbelievers to His Truth and from the path of Islam, so rest assured that Allah is on your side always. Take your precautions being in the West but at the same time prioritize your effort for the sake of Allah along this very difficult and lonely path…

“Allah is ever with the believers and until the time becomes right for your action lie patiently in wait.

“Stalk your prey, plan your action, orchestrate your moves and then STRIKE THE ENEMY WITH A DEADLY BLOW….

“May Allah protect and preserve you all and allow you to join the caravan Amen!”

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