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ISIS Supporters Incite Prisoners to Target Guards in France, Belgium and the Netherlands

On February 18, 2020, a message was posted in French on the pro-Islamic State (ISIS) Rocket.Chat platform on the techhaven.to website,[1] urging Muslims jailed in France to target their prison guards. The post specifically addresses prisoners at the [redacted],[2] the largest prison in Europe, inciting them to recruit new ISIS fighters, attack the guards, kill the head warden [redacted], and slit the throat of the prison’s imam, who is referred to as an apostate. The author of the message mentions weapons and refers the reader to an “old tutorial” he wrote explaining how to make a blade in jail. No details were provided about where to find the tutorial. The post, published with an illustrative photograph of the entrance to [redacted] Prison, also provides a contact email address.

The post, translated into English here, reads: “Call for the monotheist brothers, the supporters and the soldiers of the Islamic State incarcerated in #France especially at [redacted]; what are you waiting for, my brothers, to attack the prison guards and the head warden and all the dogs who mistreat you? Jihad does not stop even if you are behind bars! Place your trust in Allah and find a solution to get weapons or blades, follow my old tutorial to make blades in jail, and forget this life of misery, set your mind only on paradise and forgiveness of Allah!! And don’t forget to hide your smartphones and [regular] phones before going out to the yard! And know that [redacted] is the best place to recruit new fighters for ISIS. Spot former drug dealers, robbers, and make them repent. Guide them, my brothers!”

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