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New Interactive Map Shows Hezbollah’s Global Terrorist Activity

The Washington Institute has launched a comprehensive interactive map and timeline of Hezbollah’s global terrorist activity from the group’s founding through 2020.

Hezbollah is a global organization engaged in overt social and political activities in Lebanon, military activities throughout the Middle East, and covert militant, criminal, and terrorist activities around the world. While highly public about its social and political work, the group goes to great lengths to conceal its illicit pursuits. As a result, no single repository of the collected, open-source information about Hezbollah’s worldwide activities has been available. This deficit has hindered the emergence of a fully informed public debate on the totality of Hezbollah’s activities.

The Lebanese Hezbollah Select Worldwide Activity Interactive Map aims to fill this knowledge gap. A multimedia tool, the map is searchable by numerous modes, and includes photographs, videos, event summaries, linkages among entries, and primary-source documents. This project—which The Washington Institute describes as “easily the most ambitious and comprehensive of its kind”—illuminates the full range of Hezbollah’s activities, from travel routes and aliases to larger themes related to the organization’s founding, development, and relationship with key state sponsors.

Launching with approximately a thousand entries, complemented by hundreds of documents—comprising declassified government reports, court documents, congressional testimony, and research reports—it constitutes the largest database of open-source documentation on Hezbollah’s malign activity and the counterterrorism actions against it. As a “living” project, the digital interface will be updated as more information and documentation becomes available.

Nicholas Rasmussen, former director of the U.S. National Counterterrorism Center, describes the map as a “tremendous resource,” adding, “It helps draw connections among all the different pieces of Hezbollah-related activity around the world in a way that no other tool I have seen has succeeded in doing.” The tool is designed for policymakers, intelligence analysts, law enforcement officials, journalists, academics, researchers, and students alike.

View the map at The Washington Institute

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