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Revisiting the 2007 NIE in Light of a Nuclear Deal

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani took to Twitter on Monday to declare that a deal with the P5+1 over Iran’s nuclear program was finally reached – only to delete that particular tweet in short order.

By Monday evening in Vienna it was clear that a deal would not be reached on Monday, but after continued talks a deal was finally reached Tuesday. Regardless, the parties involved want to craft a deal and one was crafted; however the usefulness of the ensuing agreement is another story.

The Middle East is undergoing a violent shift in political order and boundaries thus making this deal about more than a future nuclear Iran. Diplomacy, even with Iran, under such auspices had to be expected. There is simply too much at stake for so many players in the region. Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States are understandably concerned about this impending deal and are watching developments closely. The Israelis haven’t deviated from their objection to any deal with Iran.

In other venues, Riyadh has been battling Iranian influence in Syria and Iraq, but most visibly in Yemen. With such an investment its easy to gauge the Saudis concern over any deal thus making it entirely possible that several Middle Eastern states will pursue their own ends for securing their regional interests without US leadership.

How this deal will ultimately impact US-Iranian relations is very much up in the air, but the opposition posed by Washington’s allies in the region is palpable.

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