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US Troops in Europe: A Reaction to Russia’s Military Actions

United States troops jumped into Europe for the first time since WWII in November 2015. What caused these actions, and is there a short-term and long-term goal?

This question is very complex as troop movement, especially outside of the United States, raises concern but also a strong-will for what our country supports when addressing international security concerns. What is the next step and should the American public be concerned about entering another war?

The United States government has made the decision to move additional troops from the 82nd Airborne Division into Europe as a support element in response towards Russia’s continued actions in Syria. Russia has taken a strong stance throughout Syria against the Islamic State (IS) and terrorist groups though their underlying intentions are not as clear. Russia works with the Syrian government is communicating their advancements and airstrikes in Syria however, the U.S. believes that Russia’s airstrikes are also targeting those rebels, armed by the U.S., working against the IS and terrorist groups. This is a concern of the United States as the support our nation continues to provide is for the better of the Syrian people. Is Russia annihilating not only the IS and terrorist groups but also any U.S. supported forces in Syria to establish a stronghold just as they had in Crimea in 2014? If Russia becomes the sole contributing force in eliminating the IS and terrorist groups operating throughout Syria, they may be gaining further support in their economic stance and significant political influences.


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