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AIA Establishes Cyber Standards to Assist Aerospace/Defense Industries

The Aerospace Industries Association released a set of cybersecurity standards Wednesday on how the aerospace and defense industries can best shore up their cyber capabilities.  

“With aggressive state and non-state cyber actors targeting the United States, it is essential that our industry work collectively to protect technology and information,” said Eric Fanning, AIA President and CEO, in a statement. “We are committed to bringing our industry together in partnership with government to implement this and other meaningful measures that keep us and our nation safer from cyber threats.”

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The standards are intended to complement, not replace, the National Institute of Standards and Technology guidelines for federal agencies.  

“The goal of the standards is to have some commonality among the supply chain,” John Luddy, the organization’s vice president for national security policy, told Fifth Domain.

The new standards are built around successive levels of security that establish an incentive for companies to continually adapt and improve their cyber-defense capabilities,” according to AIA. “This provides industry with a baseline for true security and serves as a companion to DOD’s current minimum standards.a company’s level of security is accepted by all prime contractors, systems integrators and [the Department of Defense].”

Find the AIA Standards Here

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