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CACI Announces Partnership with the Alabama School of Cyber Engineering and Technology

CACI International Inc has announced a partnership with the Alabama School of Cyber Engineering and Technology (ASCTE) Foundation in support of a residential magnet high school in Huntsville dedicated to enabling and advancing education in cyber technology and engineering to students across the state.

Government Technology and Services Coalition member and mentor partner CACI delivers expertise and technology to enterprise and mission customers. Working with the ASCTE Foundation, CACI furthers its commitment to developing a robust talent pipeline of skilled scientists and engineers by preparing the nation’s next generation of innovators for careers in national security. CACI will provide internship and mentorship opportunities, curriculum development, guest instructors, and career coaching to all students. CACI will also offer professional development for staff members and participate in an ASCTE Speaker Series.

John Mengucci, CACI President and Chief Executive Officer, said, “The need for strong, qualified talent is most critical. As we grow our presence in Huntsville, I am confident that this partnership will provide students with cutting-edge technology and resources and will also build an invaluable talent pipeline for government and industry.”

ASCTE is Alabama’s only fully public residential high school offering advanced engineering and cyber technology studies. ASCTE was formed to help address severe workforce shortages in cyber systems and engineering.

“CACI’s position as a technology and national security leader supports and aligns with ASCTE’s mission to produce graduates who will drive the innovation needed to secure tomorrow’s prosperity,” said Matt Massey, ASCTE President. “We are thrilled and thankful for this investment into our students and community because we know that together we can bridge the gaps needed in the workforce with talent, drive, and competence.”

CACI will offer added benefits to the ASCTE Foundation as a Titanium Dell Technologies Partner, which was established through the company’s acquisition of ID Technologies.

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