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Griffeye Releases Highly Compatible Video Utility Software

Last month, intelligence and visual big data company, Griffeye, announced Analyze 16.1, the latest addition to the Griffeye Analyze platform. The Analyze platform is software that can be used in digital media investigations, allowing for a thorough analysis of video data and images.

Homeland Security Today was recently able to speak with Johann Hoffman, Director, Head of Griffeye to speak about the exciting release of the company’s newest software. The recording and analysis of video data is an important element to any security organization, whether it is the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) or local law enforcement.

“It’s the Adobe for law enforcement investigations and the Palantir for big visual data,” Hoffman explained. “We are unique in the area of dealing with image and video big data for investigative applications. The Griffeye Analyze platform can handle mass amounts of images and videos, manages all that data regardless of source and makes intelligence out of all the data. We present the pertinent data from petabytes, which further allows the user to find the needle in the haystack clue from all that footage.”

The needle in the haystack referred to by Hoffman includes relevant images or video footage–the crucial minutes or seconds contained within the volume of hours upon hours of collected data. The video utility tool has the ability highlight significant points of collected video data, such as a specific timeframe, noise, movement, change in setting, etc. As a result, the tool can identify activity within the video that an officer would have a hard time finding or that would be extremely time consuming to find.

Another important aspect of the release of Analyze 16.1 is the open application programming interface (API). With an open API, users are able to integrate external tools, such as in-house technology or plug-ins of their own design; this allows users to pass images, videos, and metadata across applications seamlessly and without needing to upload data to each application individually.

The Griffeye Analyze platform is currently used by more than 3000 government entities across the world, including DHS.

“DHS is currently providing significant funds, coordination and expertise on R&D within, for instance, applied biometrics," Hoffman said. “We are involved in a two year project that aims to make sure police officers, forensic examiners, and agents get the best of breed, yet fit for purpose, face recognition technology in their hands.”


Hoffman believes the healthcare industry could also greatly benefit from the Griffeye Analyze platform.



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