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Hackers Break Into Pottery Firm Server, Unleash Ransomware

Steelite International, the British manufacturer of award-winning inspirational tabletop solutions for the international hospitality industry, recently confirmed that it was the victim of a ransomware attack. It is still unclear if any personally identifiable data was stolen, and the company was forced to rebuild its server so that company staff could get their paychecks.

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“During the attack, a hacker from a remote computer outside of the UK infiltrated a weakness in the company’s system and began encrypting key files,” Jon Cameron, group finance director at Steelite International said, according to cyware.com.”Panic mode did set in initially but thanks to the fantastic work of the IT team working through the night to build the server again, we made sure the hackers didn’t get what they wanted.”

The attacker demanded 79 bitcoins as ransom, or $250,000, Cameron said.

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