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Pro-ISIS Hacker Group Threatens Increased Cyber Attacks On West, Americans

Pro-ISIS Hacker Group Threatens Increased Cyber Attacks On West, Americans Homeland Security TodayA 12-minute audio message in Arabic, “They Want to Distinguish the Light of Allah with Their Mouths [Koran 9:32]” was issued by the head of the pro-ISIS hacker group United Cyber Caliphate (UCC), Oced Agha, in which he threatened he and other tech-savvy jihadists will continue hacking into websites and computer systems of the West, the Shi’ites and the Arab rulers and their "American masters" in order to obtain and publish hit lists which will include the names and addresses of potential targets for assassination.

In the video, released on December 25, Agha informed the Islamic State and its leader , Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, that new hackers, led by an activist called Cybrek [also spelled Cybreak and Cybrake], have joined UCC.

According to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which monitors jihadists’ social media sites, said, “Interspersed between his statements are Koranic verses calling for uncompromising war against the infidels.”

MEMRI said, "Agha begins by stating that he and the members of this group are proud to be soldiers of Allah fighting the Crusaders [i.e., the Christians and the West], the Shi’ites and the apostates [i.e., the Arab rulers] – enemies who openly express their satisfaction with the coalition they have established to fight the Islamic State. Their joy, he added, only motivates him and his group to fight back and strengthens their confidence in their ultimate victory. He called on all Muslims to choose the right side in this conflict, namely the side of Allah and not the side of the infidels, the communists and the Shi’ites, in order to save themselves from hellfire.”

Addressing Muslim hackers, Agha urges them to use the skills that Allah has allowed them to gain in order to defend Islam and the oppressed Muslims by targeting the enemy’s websites and cyber-systems. Addressing the apostates, infidels, Crusaders and [Arab] tyrants,” MEMRI said.

Agha stated, "Die in your  rage! We are growing stronger from day to day. Allah the almighty will provide us with new recruits and new means every day with which to rock your thrones of power."

Threatening Arab rulers and Americans, Agha added, "Despite your plots and deceptions and your harassment of Muslims, Allah remains our Lord and protector, not yours. Expect evil to befall you, as well as your American masters. All your imagined firewalls and security systems only prompt us to gain more knowledge and only provide us and our warriors with [scope for] training. Our cyber attacks will only increase, and names and addresses [of targets for assassination] will soon be posted. You will see what our lone wolves will do to these targets."

Agha assured the Islamic State that the relative inactivity of his group at the moment is only "the calm before the storm."

Finally, MEMRI said, “Agha announce[ed] that new hackers have joined his group,” stating, "We wish to inform all Muslims, our [Islamic] State and our Emir, the Caliph of the Muslims Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, that several members of the Cyber Khilafa team, led by the honorable Cybrek, have joined [our group] under our command, which is a source of joy and pride for us."

“Speaking in praise of unity,” MEMRI said, “Agha promised that in the coming days the enemies will see the fruits of this merging of groups, namely more attacks and hit lists.”

Agha ended “with a promise that he and his friends will continue to guide all cyber-warriors on how to defend themselves against cyber attacks and against those trying to spread slander about the Islamic State,” MEMRI said.

Similarly, in June 2011, dozens of top US military and corporate leaders were named on an  Al Qaeda “Hit List,” as Homeland Security Today reported.

In 2014, jihadists globally were given instructions on how to make and detonate car bombs inside America in the English-language magazine published by Al Qaeda. They also were provided a new list of suggested targets for "lone-wolf" terror attacks.

Homeland Security Today previously reported that Al Malahem, the media arm of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) — which signaled solidarity with the Islamic State — released the first issue of its new magazine, Palestine – Betrayal of the Guilty Conscience, which was designed to inspire jihadism among Muslims around the world, but especially in the West.

AQAP’s targets for jihadi attacks included casinos and night clubs in Las Vegas; oil tankers and trains; Georgia Military College in Milledgeville, Georgia; the United State Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs and the General Atomics headquarters in San Diego, California. General Atomics is the manufacturer of the Predator drone that was used to kill top AQAP and other Al Qaeda members, including US borne AQAP recruiter Anwar Al Awlaki.

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