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Study: DoD Organizations See Cloud Computing as Mission-Critical

MeriTalk, a public-private partnership working to improve the outcomes of government IT, today announced the results of a new study in conjunction with Amazon Web Services and Red Hat. The study, titled “Innovation Imperative: The Drive to Modernize DoD,” surveyed 150 Department of Defense (DoD) IT decision-makers to asses their IT infrastructure and applications.

The study confirmed that legacy IT jeopardizes national security. Ninety-six percent of DoD managers said their current technology solutions need IT modernization. A majority said at least half their systems are outdated.

Additionally, DoD decision-makers identified the cloud as mission-critical. Eighty percent said their agency has to improve cloud use to maintain the military’s technical advantage and support mission success, and 81 percent said accelerating DoD’s adoption of the cloud is critical.

“Those ahead of the cloud curve – the self-described cloud innovators and early adopters – are more than four times as likely as cloud laggards to say they are very satisfied with their organization’s current technology solutions and their ability to quickly and securely enable their defense and or national security missions,” a press release announcing the report said.

However, despite initial progress, the study reported the DoD still has a long way to go before fully adopting the cloud. DoD managers recommended moving more than 50 of their on-premise data to the cloud. With successful adoption, cloud building would become a foundation for next-generation technologies, including big data analytics (85 percent), electronic warfare (83 percent) and shared services (82 percent).

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