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Webinar: Finding the Next Incel Killer

Law enforcement officials believe violent incels have murdered at least 47 people in North America in the last six years, and researchers have observed a significant increase in murderous fantasies expressed online by incels during the Covid-19 pandemic. Keep Reading

// by Kylie Bielby

U.S. and Cyprus to Construct Border Security Training Hub

The United States and Cyprus have agreed to construct a regional border security training hub in the Republic of Cyprus. Construction will begin later this year and it will be known as the Cyprus Center for Land, Open-seas, and Port Security (CYCLOPS). Keep Reading

// by Kristina Tanasichuk

Operationalizing #NeverForget: United We Stand, Divided We Fall

As we reflect on the impacts of September 11th on our present and future, we at Homeland Security Today urge you to operationalize the pledge to never forget: To recognize the evolving and changing nature of the threats to our people and way of life, and to work to be part of the solution. To work to solve problems instead of creating more victims. To unite as Americans against those who wish to harm us. And, perhaps most importantly, to recognize that the consequences of just one successful attack are more than we are willing to tolerate. Keep Reading

Five Ways Universities Can Improve Cybersecurity

The online-first approach universities are adopting during the COVID-19 pandemic further increases their digital footprint. This was done at very short notice. This meant risk analysis was different from the traditional processes, leading to additional cybersecurity risks. Keep Reading

// by Homeland Security Today

Army to Host Cyber Quest 2021

Army Futures Command and the Cyber Center of Excellence invite those government, industry, and academia partners to showcase their emerging cyber, electronic warfare, intelligence and networking technologies at Cyber Quest 2021.  Entering its sixth year, Cyber Quest is an annual event, providing a unique, realistic, operationally-based environment in order to inform technical solutions and materiel… Keep Reading

// by Mariana O'Leary

Women’s Equality Day: Leading in the U.S. Coast Guard

The protests. The picket lines. The headlines reporting disturbing arrests and mistreatment by police and jailers. It was 100 years ago that the persistence of women leading the fight for equality who refused to give up, go away, or be silenced, finally paid off. On August 18, 1920, the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified and women finally had the right to vote. Keep Reading

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