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// by Kylie Bielby

What is DOD Doing to Mitigate the Challenges of Contested Mobility?

In a potential conflict, a hostile country could prevent the military from rapidly moving equipment and personnel. China and Russia are strengthening their militaries to neutralize U.S. strengths, including mobility—the ability of U.S. military airlift and air refueling aircraft and sealift ships to rapidly move equipment and personnel from the United States. Keep Reading

Safety Stand Down 2021: Rebuild Rehab

Firefighting puts intense strain on firefighters, both physically and mentally. It is critical that firefighters receive a comprehensive rehab program after fire incidents or intense training to ensure their physiological and psychological well-being. Keep Reading

FAA Seeks TRUST Administrators for Drone Pilot Tests

The Federal Aviation Administration has opened the application period for entities interested in serving as test administrators for The Recreational UAS Safety Test (TRUST). TRUST will provide recreational drone flyers with information on best practices and educational resources to ensure safe drone operations. Keep Reading

Canada Announces Funding for Project to Help Stop Human Trafficking

The project kicked off on February 18 with a virtual hackathon. This two-day event is bringing together post-secondary students from across Atlantic Canada, as well as service providers, law enforcement and others, to explore innovative ways that technology can be used to raise awareness of human trafficking. Keep Reading

Dutch Municipality Asking Kids to Help Fight Cybercrime

The municipality of Krimpenerwaard in the Netherlands has asked children between the ages of 8 and 12 to help in the fight against cybercrime. The kids play a computer game that teaches them about the dangers of the internet, with the idea that they will pass that knowledge onto their parents and grandparents. Keep Reading

University of Nevada and HackerU Launch Cybersecurity Bootcamp

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) is partnering with global cybersecurity education provider HackerU to launch a part-time Cybersecurity Bootcamp. The 400-hour non-credit training program will play an active role in closing the region’s digital skills gap and provide an accelerated path for people seeking a new career in the tech industry.  Keep Reading

NASA Funds Autonomous Air Cargo Transportation Project

The researchers will rely heavily on machine learning and computational engineering to find solutions to the long list of challenges they face, from the management of autonomous aircraft traffic flow to regulations to public concerns about safety, privacy, emissions, and noise pollution. Keep Reading

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