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The Case for Applying Psychology in Cybersecurity Training

Underpinning all the technical expertise is a more fundamental skill that is difficult to certify: cognitive readiness. The term refers to a state of mental preparedness that enables effective response to changing situations. This critical cybersecurity soft skill incorporates problem-solving, decision-making and situational awareness. Keep Reading

How is CBP Training Canines During the Pandemic?

In his 17 years as a canine handler for the Border Patrol, Agent Ramon Lemos has had to travel far and wide to train with his new canine partners. So when he got the opportunity to do training in Yuma for his fourth and final canine partner, he was thrilled. Keep Reading

Maritime High School Will Open This Fall

By graduation, students will have the skills to launch a maritime career or to continue studying in a two- or four-year college. Students will gain an understanding of the natural world, increase their competency in practical skills, and develop a greater awareness of career opportunities centered on the sea and beyond. Keep Reading

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