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Reverse Industry Day (RID) VIII Through Industry’s Eyes

Reverse Industry Day – Through Industry’s Eyes is set to take place on Wednesday 15th and Thursday 16th July.

Industry representatives from small, medium, and large companies will describe the process and value of intelligence gathering, business development, and capture management — all activities undertaken to prepare proposals and win contracts.

The DHS Acquisition Community will gain a thorough perspective on what measures companies take in finding business opportunities.

The Art of Contracting – Industry representatives will share insights and best practices regarding resources, tools, and techniques to assist with effective customer relationship management after contract award and through the contract lifecycle.

The DHS Acquisition Community will receive industry insights on methods for successful customer relationship management.


Milton Slade, Communications and Industry Liaison, Department of Homeland Security



Jaclyn Rubino, Executive Director, Strategic Programs Division, Office of the Chief Procurement Officer, Department of Homeland Security

Soraya Correa, Chief Procurement Officer, Department of Homeland Security

Carla Thomas, Communications & Industry Liaison

Alex Mavroukakis, Communications & Industry Liaison

Sherry Frank, Director, Communications and Industry Liaison Branch, Office of the Chief Procurement Officer, Department of Homeland Security


Industry Panelists:

Small and Emerging Contractors Advisory Forum (SECAF), HUBZONE Contractors National Council (HCNC)

SECAF, Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition (PNDC), U.S. Women’s Chamber of Commerce

Below is a link to RID VIII which allows you to view and listen only on July 15th and July 16th from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.  We look forward to seeing you in attendance.
July 15th Participant Audio Line or they can listen via Adobe:  800-268-2160;  Adobe URL: https://dhsocpo.adobeconnect.com/rtl4tgi3t458/
July 16th Participant Audio Line or listen via Adobe:  800-676-1545;  Adobe URL:  https://dhsocpo.adobeconnect.com/rjb8rkg2cass/


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