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Secure Comms Solution Protecting Healthcare from Cyber Attack

It is designed to enable the regions to securely communicate sensitive or classified information within their organizations and with central government authorities. Sectra Tiger/R will be used by key individuals in the security organizations to communicate sensitive information, such as crisis preparedness, information security or incident response capability. Keep Reading

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How Will We Prevent AI-Based Forgery?

Recent developments in artificial intelligence (AI) point to an age where forgery of documents, pictures, audio recordings, videos, and online identities will occur with unprecedented ease. Keep Reading

US and UK Team Up to Monitor Nuclear Power Plants

Expected to be operational in 2024, the Advanced Instrumentation Testbed (AIT) project’s 6,500-ton detector will measure harmless particles emitted by an existing nuclear power plant 25 kilometers away. The project will test whether the technique could be scaled up in the future for more distant monitoring of nuclear sites, with the potential for nonproliferation applications. Keep Reading

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