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Game on for Europol and CENTRIC

The agreement between Europol and CENTRIC will assist law enforcement in protecting society and citizens through joint activities, such as applied research and tool development. Keep Reading

Enabling a Secure Mobile Ecosystem

Protecting mobile devices from cyber-attacks and accelerating the adoption of secure mobility for the federal government is a critical research focus of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T). Keep Reading

i911 Helps the Coast Guard Save Lives

This software is already available to first responder agencies across the country. It was developed by Callyo Inc. and is a free service for all first responders, including the Coast Guard. Keep Reading

// by Homeland Security Today

New Purdue Technologies to Extract, Purify Critical Rare Earth Metals Could Be a ‘Game Changer’ to Advance, Protect Vital Electronics

The production of rare earth metals is a global $4 billion annual market that continues to grow as new electronics, computerized engines for aircraft, warships, electric automobiles, magnets and other critical products are developed that need rare earth metals to perform. The value of the products that require rare earth metals to function is valued… Keep Reading

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