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Canada Invests in Research into PTSI in Public Safety Personnel

CIHR also recently launched the Team Grants in PTSI competition, which represents a further investment of $8.4 million. This investment will support four-year research projects designed to develop the new research evidence and tools needed to address gaps in PTSI among public safety personnel in Canada. Keep Reading

How Do Countries Deal With ISIS Returnees?

The way returnees are dealt with in EU countries is based on criminal investigation and risk assessment. Rehabilitation and reintegration schemes have been introduced inside and outside prison. Other measures include restrictions on movement, and powers to withdraw and refuse to issue passports. Keep Reading

// by Kylie Bull

OIG Finds Room for Improvement in ATF’s Frontline Initiative

ATF does not have a formal internal review process to assess field division compliance with Frontline requirements. The OIG determined that the lack of an ATF headquarters review process limits ATF’s ability to hold field divisions accountable to their goals and to make continued improvements to Frontline. Keep Reading

// by Kylie Bull

UK Police Conclude Series of Live Facial Recognition Trials

The Met committed to carrying out 10 deployments as part of the live facial recognition trial. Nine have already taken place. As with all previous deployments, the technology will be used overtly with a clear uniformed presence and information leaflets will be distributed to the public. Keep Reading

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