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New Bomb-Making Materials Awareness Program for Outreach Support

CISA’s Bomb-Making Materials Awareness Program (BMAP) is working with the FBI to develop new products for use while conducting outreach. Many of these new products are designed to be used at retail locations of specific Explosive Precursor Chemicals (EPC).

The Black Powder Awareness Card is ideal when conducting outreach with retailers, distributers, and end users of black powder, black powder substitute, and reloading powders. Most of these products are sold at local firearm dealers and retailers and well as large outdoor sporting goods stores and local gun shows. These retail and distribution locations are also ideal locations to distribute the new Exploding Target Kit Awareness Card.

CISA and the FBI developed the Exploding Target Threat Awareness Card for distribution to all retailers of ETKs. The ETK Threat Awareness Card assists retailers in identifying suspicious behaviors commonly associated and observed with the purchase or acquisition of ETKs. This card is also helpful with educating retailers on promoting responsible use of ETKs by visually highlighting improper and dangerous uses of ETKs.

In addition to the Black Powder and Exploding Target Kit Threat Awareness cards, CISA and the FBI created Cold Pack Threat Awareness and Fireworks Threat Awareness cards to provide additional visual aids and assist with talking points while conducting outreach in your community. All awareness cards are double sided and provide excellent information for identifying suspicious purchases and behavior related to the specific content of each card.

Finally, CISA and the FBI created a R.A.C.K card (Recognize, Ask, Check, Know), which is designed to assist retailers with reporting suspicious behavior. The R.A.C.K Card is intended to remain in the vicinity of a register or check-out area of stores that sell, store, or distribute Bomb-Making Materials and/or EPCs. R.A.C.K cards can be sent in an email as part of a virtual outreach until it is safe to visit point-of-sale locations in person.

These new CISA/FBI outreach products have a reduced file size so they can be easily included in emails when conducting virtual outreach in your community. You can click on the image of the product you would like to download to open the PDF file. High resolution digital files of new and legacy BMAP products can also be downloaded and printed from the BMAP Resources Library in the Homeland Security Information Network BMAP Community Engagement Site.

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