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FBI Takes Down Criminal Communication Service Phantom Secure

The FBI has dealt a blow to international organized crime groups by taking down Phantom Secure, a Canadian-based encrypted communication service. Canada-based Phantom Secure was a criminal enterprise that provided secure communications to high-level drug traffickers and other criminal organization leaders. The group purchased smartphones, removed all of the typical functionality—calling, texting, Internet, and GPS—and… Keep Reading

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Adams to be Tech Lead at FBI

He joined the FBI in 1997 and was first assigned to the Washington Field Office, where he worked on many crimes including espionage, drug trafficking, violent crime, and terrorism. Keep Reading

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CBP Celebrates 15 Years

Today, CBP employs about 60,000 men and women who each day process more than 1 million passengers and pedestrians and $6.5 billion worth of imported goods arriving into the U.S. Keep Reading

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