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// by Sandra L. Stosz

Leading with Character: Strengths and Weaknesses

We each have two metaphorical wolves fighting inside us: strengths and weaknesses. The one that wins will be the one you feed. I chose to feed my strengths. I don’t ignore my weaknesses, but I don’t let them consume me, either. Keep Reading

// by Randolph H. Pherson

COLUMN: Moving Toward Constructive Solutions

Stop arguing about “facts” and reframe discussions around positive narratives. What narratives best describe how the United States can best move forward? Learn from the past but focus attention and energy on the future. Keep Reading

// by Sandra L. Stosz

Leading with Character: Mentoring

Leaders at all levels can serve as mentors. Contrary to what many may think, mentoring isn’t limited to the conventional senior-to-junior relationships. Peer-to-peer mentoring is powerful and indicative of healthy respect between co-workers. Keep Reading

// by Sandra L. Stosz

Leading with Character: Be an Ally

Since I was the first woman to captain a ship of any type on the Great Lakes, my assignment generated considerable media interest and speculation about the ability of a woman to command a ship in a male-dominated merchant marine industry. Keep Reading

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