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U.S. Coast Guard Rescues Disabled Vessel Near Galves Banks

The U.S. Coast Guard successfully rescued a disabled vessel, Uchan, and their crew approximately 25 miles offshore from Galves Banks on June 13, 2024.

The operation involved a coordinated effort from the Joint Rescue Sub-Center (JRSC) Guam and U.S. Coast Guard Station Apra Harbor’s 45-foot Response Boat-Medium.

JRSC watchstanders received a distress call via VHF CH 16 from the operator of the 19-foot vessel, Uchan, which reportedly had three persons aboard and was adrift due to engine troubles. The JRSC Guam team immediately issued an Urgent Marine Information Broadcast (UMIB) advising mariners in the area of the situation and assumed the role of Search and Rescue Mission Coordinator (SMC) under the direction of Cmdr. Ryan Crose, deputy sector commander.

Watchstanders directed the launch of the response crew, who arrived on the scene and assessed the engine failure was due to water contamination in the fuel line and tank. The vessel was placed in a stern tow and began the return journey to Malesso Pier, with an estimated time of arrival of 3.5 hours. During the operation, Petty Officer 3rd Class Alexandra Avalos, a boatswain’s mate and the coxswain, was at the helm conducting her first SAR tow flawlessly.

“This mission showed how dedicated and adaptable our team is,” said Petty Officer 3rd Class Alexandra Avalos. “Our crew did an amazing job, and I have to shout out to the mariners for being proactive and using a marine radio to call for help. Having the right equipment out there makes all the difference.”

The evolution took nine hours, with a five-hour tow back to safety. All mariners aboard Uchan arrived safely to the pier and were uninjured.

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