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WHO Warns of Potential Ebola Spread

The risk of the disease spreading as far as Kinshasa is also a very real concern for the UN agency. One of the affected areas, Mbandaka, is connected to the capital by a busy river route used by thousands every week.  Keep Reading

// by Kristina Tanasichuk

Operationalizing #NeverForget: United We Stand, Divided We Fall

As we reflect on the impacts of September 11th on our present and future, we at Homeland Security Today urge you to operationalize the pledge to never forget: To recognize the evolving and changing nature of the threats to our people and way of life, and to work to be part of the solution. To work to solve problems instead of creating more victims. To unite as Americans against those who wish to harm us. And, perhaps most importantly, to recognize that the consequences of just one successful attack are more than we are willing to tolerate. Keep Reading

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