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// by Kylie Bull

GAO tells DHS to Improve Information Storage

GAO says DHS is not well positioned to integrate the results and share lessons learned because limited R&D customer feedback information is collected and analyzed. Of the seven DHS components with R&D budget authority, only two reported having formal customer feedback mechanisms (U.S. Coast Guard and S&T). Keep Reading

Young People Use Cyber Skills to Win Northrop Grumman’s Challenge

Northrop Grumman Corporation has concluded the first year of CyberTaipan with the 2018-19 National Finals held in Canberra, Australia on March 16. Launched in June 2018, the competition is a fun way to spark youth interest in pursuing further education and careers in cybersecurity and other science, technology, mathematics and engineering (STEM) subjects. Keep Reading

New EU Protocol Prepares for Cross Border Cyber Attacks

A large-scale cyber-attack having serious repercussions in the physical world and crippling an entire sector or society, is no longer unthinkable. To prepare for major cross-border cyber-attacks, an EU Law Enforcement Emergency Response Protocol has been adopted. Keep Reading

CBP Expands Public-Private Partnerships

As of December 2018, CBP reported that it had completed data collection as called for in the plan, and was analyzing results. CBP expects to issue internally an assessment report for the RSP and DAP based on this analysis in April 2019, and then on an annual basis. Keep Reading

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