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What is the Extreme Right in the United States?

The American far right is not a monolith but a convoluted landscape encompassing an array of movements and causes, writes Dr Mark Pitcavage in his report published by the Program on Extremism at George Washington University. Keep Reading

Online Jihadist Propaganda: 2018 in Review

Despite its territorial losses, the so-called Islamic State group still commands a number of branches worldwide and continues to inspire thousands of dispersed supporters around the world who proclaim their support for the group online. But a new Europol study reveals that 2018 took its toll on the group’s digital presence. Keep Reading

It’s Not Only Iraq and Syria

A database at the Program on Extremism has identified nearly a dozen Americans known to be in custody in places such as Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia and Turkey. Keep Reading

Canada Invests to Counter Far-Right Extremism

The project will examine the far-right extremism movement in Quebec through media research and interviews with experts and activists. The results will support local organizations and police services to better counter the growing movement in the province. Keep Reading

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