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Terrorism Study - page 38

// by Homeland Security Today

Al-Shabaab’s Mata Hari Network

The choice to leverage sex workers’ access to powerful government and law enforcement figures offers a window into al-Shabaab’s cost-benefit calculations. Keep Reading

// by Matthew Kriner

Tackling Terrorism’s Taboo: Shame (Part 1)

There is a need to expand the radicalization literature to include more emotional mechanisms to better understand how individuals come to embrace the extreme and violent belief systems threatening societies around the world. Keep Reading

// by Homeland Security Today

YouTube’s Ongoing Failure to Remove ISIS Content

These figures call into question YouTube’s claims of proactive content removal efforts. The fact that a quarter of videos stayed online for more than two hours indicates YouTube’s human flagging efforts are failing. Keep Reading

// by Homeland Security Today

Strengthen the Taboo Against Biological and Chemical Weapons

Advances in science and technology are changing the nature of chemical and biological warfare, in many cases making these weapons easier and cheaper to develop. Individuals, states, and non-state actors have new opportunities to exploit readily available technology. Keep Reading

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