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// by Kylie Bielby

World’s Most Heroic Rat Retires After Finding More Than 70 Landmines

To date Magawa has found 71 landmines and 38 items of unexploded ordnance, making him APOPO’s most successful HeroRAT. Over the past five years he has helped clear over 225,000 square metres of land, allowing local communities to live, work, play and be educated; without fear of losing life or limb. Keep Reading

// by Kylie Bielby

Move Over K9s, 2020 is the Year of the Rat!

The southern giant pouched rats, which are larger than regular rats, use their excellent sense of smell to sniff out landmines. Dogs are not as suitable for this work due to their weight, which is enough to trigger a landmine. Keep Reading

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