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Duke Launches Master’s Program in Cybersecurity

The master’s program in cybersecurity is available to all qualified students, including mid-career professionals with undergraduate degrees in engineering or computer science who are interested in acquiring cybersecurity knowledge and skills. Keep Reading

Wanted: Gamers to Keep Us Safe Online

QinetiQ and the British Esports Association teamed up to raise awareness of the common skills between cyber security professionals and esports players during a special event at the Science Museum in London on September 25. Keep Reading

GAO: Actions Needed to Maintain a Trained Cyber Mission Force

GAO found that CYBERCOM has taken a number of steps to develop its CMF teams. However, as of November 2018, many of the 133 CMF teams that initially reported achieving full operational capability no longer had the full complement of trained personnel, and therefore did not meet CYBERCOM's readiness standards. Keep Reading

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