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DHS Blue Campaign

ICE Launches Victims Engagement and Services Line (VESL)

The Victim Of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE) Office is terminated. The new program will serve as a more comprehensive and inclusive victim support system offered by ICE that will ensure services are offered to all victims regardless of immigration status of the victim or perpetrator. Keep Reading

// by Dr. Kimberly Mehlman-Orozco

Human Trafficking Expert Asks for Articles for Human Trafficking Awareness Month

Will you join Homeland Security Today to Raise Awareness & Stop Human Trafficking? Dear HSToday readers,   Over the course of my career I have achieved the distinction of a human trafficking expert. What does this mean?  I’ve testified, written books, developed research, and authored papers on all matters related to this heinous crime.  I am inspired that… Keep Reading

// by Homeland Security Today

DHS Blue Campaign: Awareness and Training to Fight ‘Modern-Day Slavery’

The Department of Homeland Security designated January Human Trafficking Awareness month with various activities and events to raise awareness and provide training to recognize human trafficking. “Make no mistake, human trafficking is modern-day slavery. Through use of force, fraud, or coercion, people around the world are robbed of their freedom and forced into labor or… Keep Reading

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