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Foreign Nationals Sentenced for Roles in Transnational Cybercrime Enterprise

Two foreign nationals — one Russian, the other North Macedonian national — have been sentenced for their role in the Infraud Organization, a transnational cybercrime enterprise engaged in the mass acquisition and sale of fraud-related goods and services, including stolen identities, compromised credit card data, computer malware, and other contraband. Keep Reading

International Memory Card Scam Busted

An organized crime network established a complex trading scheme with Secure Digital memory cards for electronic devices, which is believed to have defrauded the Dutch treasury of an estimated €9 million between 2017 and 2019.  Keep Reading

RUSI: Why Fraud is the New National Security Threat

The report warns that the prevailing political narrative fails to convey the full impact of fraud, beyond the perspective of financial losses or the psychological impact on victims. In particular, they say scant attention has been given to the links between fraud and organized crime and terrorism. Keep Reading

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