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Valued Member of ISIS Convicted in the U.K.

Operating largely online, the defendant was able to serve the objectives of the organization from the U.K., by promoting violent jihad, providing safe communication networks for like-minded individuals and sourcing money to assist other members. Keep Reading

Three Arrested in Spain for Financing Terrorism

The network diverted funds raised in good faith by religious associations, under the cover of using them as humanitarian aid for Syrian orphans. In addition to financing the activities of terrorist fighters, part of the funds were used to cover the costs of a school for orphaned children, which is involved in training future terrorist fighters. Keep Reading

RUSI: Why Fraud is the New National Security Threat

The report warns that the prevailing political narrative fails to convey the full impact of fraud, beyond the perspective of financial losses or the psychological impact on victims. In particular, they say scant attention has been given to the links between fraud and organized crime and terrorism. Keep Reading

Men Jailed for Funding Terrorism

Two men have been jailed in the U.K. for a total of fourteen years’ and six months’ for funding terrorism after an investigation found that they sent money to support IS fighters in Iraq and Syria. Keep Reading

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