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ODNI Requests $59.9 billion for FY19

The Director of National Intelligence has released the aggregate amount of appropriations requested for FY19, which is $59.9 billion. This includes funding to support Overseas Contingency Operations. This represents a $2 billion increase dfrom the amount requested in FY 2018. This figure is disclosed as consistent with Section 601 of the Implementing the Recommendations of… Keep Reading

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House Passes Bill to Sharpen Oversight of Cyber Threat Disclosures

House lawmakers have passed legislation that will require DHS to tell Congress how known cyber vulnerabilities are being disclosed to the private sector. The bill directs DHS to submit a report to Congress that contains “a description of the policies and procedures developed for coordinating cyber vulnerability disclosures.” It also asks for an annex outlining… Keep Reading

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Report: Government and Private Sector Needs Better Understanding of the Vulnerabilities of Undersea Cable Services

A report from the Public-Private Analytic Exchange Program has found that the government and private sector organizations need a better understanding of the vulnerabilities associated with undersea cable services. Commercial undersea cable communications carry over 97% of all intercontinental electronic communications. They facilitate internet reach, phone access critical to international trade and official government communications.… Keep Reading

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