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Far Right Terrorist Who Established Propaganda Website Sentenced

Searches of Hunter’s home address revealed an obsession with Hitler and neo-Nazism and resulted in the seizure of a large number of white supremacist texts, military training manuals and guides on surveillance, guerrilla warfare, weapons and explosives. Officers also recovered a machete from his bedroom. Keep Reading

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Europe Doubles Down on Online Terrorist Content

Recent acts of terrorism in France and Austria in October-November 2020, have further demonstrated the importance of disrupting the dissemination of terrorist and violent extremist propaganda during, and in the aftermath of, terrorist attacks.  Keep Reading

Extremist Jailed for Terrorism Offenses

A man who acted on his extremist views and promoted the so-called Islamic State group on social media has been sentenced following an investigation by the Metropolitan Police’s Counter Terrorism Command. Keep Reading

Libyan Officers Trained on Tackling Online Terrorist Activity

With abuse of the internet and social media channels by terrorist organizations a growing concern for police, INTERPOL has conducted a training course for Libyan law enforcement officers on how best to exploit the internet and specific social media sites in counterterrorism investigations. Keep Reading

Online Jihadist Propaganda: 2018 in Review

Despite its territorial losses, the so-called Islamic State group still commands a number of branches worldwide and continues to inspire thousands of dispersed supporters around the world who proclaim their support for the group online. But a new Europol study reveals that 2018 took its toll on the group’s digital presence. Keep Reading

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