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Deradicalization in Singapore: Past, Present and Future

The country has not seen terrorist attacks in the age of al‑Qaeda and Islamic State (IS). But one of Singapore’s closest neighbors, Indonesia, has repeatedly been targeted by the Jemaah Islamiyah (JI), al‑Qaeda’s principal offshoot in Southeast Asia, and other violent extremists. Keep Reading

// by Kylie Bielby

Is the Mass Media Terrorism’s Greatest Ally?

News organizations have adapted responsible reporting guidelines for different circumstances, such as violent crime and suicide, but many are not sufficiently adapted for reporting on terrorism specifically. Keep Reading

// by Noor Dahri

PERSPECTIVE: Ideological Factors of Radicalization

Many terrorist groups have/are using religion in order to establish power and control over people. They "take advantage" of people's situations and beliefs to convince them that radicalization is necessary to achieve goals. Keep Reading

Foreign Fighters and the Terrorist Threat in Belgium

For a few years, the return of experienced jihadi fighters from the Levant was perceived as the main threat to Belgium. With the disintegration of IS’s caliphate, the threat posed by the group has evolved significantly. Returnees are no longer the sole – or even main – concern of security services. Keep Reading

Radicalization’s Twisted History

‘Flash’ or ‘instant radicalization’ was introduced to elucidate how some literally in a moment jumped into jihadi terrorism without any previous phase of, well, radicalization. Keep Reading

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