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Dr. Brian M. Gant

Dr. Brian M. Gant is an accomplished information technology, cybersecurity and critical infrastructure educator and researcher. Currently serving as an Assistant Professor of Cybersecurity for the Maryville University, Simon School of Business, Dr. Gant brings over 20 years of federal government and teaching experience into his practice. As an Intelligence Analyst with the FBI, Dr. Gant worked both cyber and domestic terrorism cases. He served as the lead analyst for disseminating Special Event Threat Intelligence Assessments for the St. Louis Field Office. As a Special Agent with the United States Secret Service, Dr. Gant conducted both financial and electronic crime investigations. He served as an advance agent implementing critical security protections domestic and abroad while also carrying out the executive protection mission of the agency. Dr. Gant is an alumnus (03’) (21’)of Maryville University as well.
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