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Frontex to Launch Border Security Research Grants Program in December

The agency aims to support small-scale research projects of non-profit research organizations and academic institutions operating in EU Member States and Schengen Associated Countries.

NIST’s Grid of Quantum Islands Could Reveal Secrets for Powerful Technologies

It would open the door to full-fledged “analog quantum simulators” that unlock the secrets of exotic materials such as high-temperature superconductors.

DHS Announces New 23.1 Small Business Innovation Research Pre-Solicitation

“These seven topics cover a wide range of areas, and we look forward to seeing what novel solutions these innovators generate.”

DHS S&T Awards Funds to Denver Startup Developing Wearables for Mental Health and Recovery

The mental health and recovery device includes a set of goggles with integrated light panels, earphones and a heart rate sensor.

Winners Announced in First Phase of UK-US Privacy-Enhancing Technologies Prize Challenges

Tracks included using PETs to improve detection of financial crime and forecasting an individual’s risk of infection during a pandemic.

Can AI Teach AI? DARPA Explores How AI Tutoring Can Help Adult Learners

DARPA leaders and industry experts in the adult learning field will review abstracts over the course of nine months.

DHS S&T Awards Funds to Arlington, Mass., Startup Developing Anomaly Detection Systems for Securing Soft Targets

Lauretta AI has proposed to adapt its existing technology to leverage activity recognition and tracking.

DHS S&T Awards Funds to Overland Park Startup Developing Detection Algorithms for Securing Soft Targets

Once developed, the software will integrate with current security workflows to detect objects in motion.
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Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
Category Template - Magazine PRO Homeland Security Today
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